Deploying Huginn with Docker on Google Cloud Platform

This is a step by step tutorial for new vps/huginn hobbyists who are not quite familiar with Docker, Huggin, Tmux or Google Cloud Platform.


You have a google account


  1. Open Terminal on your own computer, copy, paste and press enter:
   ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/gcloud -C "yourname"
   cat .ssh/
  1. Copy the output (your public key). It looks like such:
   ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABgQDqHVubWmyWj5R3I8Wa7kZdTcT9DclFfO/bXnIMps28281IS9iJjKWRVpWCZby6fc/QxZZguRrFvWL7bBm5r3lzW37bvBhy/tcjYd4Kq66gPklK9mygeelubvR1m2TRcN6ty5oi8w28Ik0I0iN04YVa0rx0qW4LrG4SCXyIdHuw2HWBruszY8eNFPFY1YFO81Q1Yfsl5b2fzPlNwc2zaGOYy2naKPXdXPb/tTGNvJrO3JuP2M8b+e7vmTyZVecHeNjWrce0xd2W9qiFLoj6aklcVyFqoDfHT1hEZ7t5/prbgD0k3cFsjexBYzI/bwfGKstkNSKty4/58NeF43pPBHUiC1Mpby4u4ChRFGRDzwsh84YQXgr5AZTjTok9QAnYtiUPc1yVMLLnAdQv0mtpAvXxDW7SuZ/8jpP6ivxGlKVCeMkB9hqTy/Qoajv4OskswML7qL+kJUQz2z+aD6CIzf+aQpm+gI1hWnwIhMdghE7IyDgrJe/D7gcUBBSb2af2icM= username
  1. Go to your Google Cloud Platform Console

  2. Click on the hamburger on the top left corner –> ‘COMPUTE’ –> ‘Compute Engine’ –> ‘VM instances’

  3. Click ‘Create instance’. Tick the boxes: “Allow HTTP traffic” and “Allow HTTPS traffic” then click save.

  4. Go back to “VM instances” –> copy the ‘External IP’ of the instance (address as such:

  5. Go to the instance that you’ve just created and edit the ‘ssh keys’ by copying your public key (generated in step2) in the box.

  6. Click on the hamburger on the top left –> ‘NETWORKING’ –> ‘VPC Networks’ –> ‘Firewall’ (left side bar)

  7. ‘CREAT FIREWALL RULE’, edit the followings:

    1. Change the Targets dropdown to All instances in the network.
    2. Specify the Source IP ranges to be
    3. Protocols and ports: Specified protocols and ports
    4. tcp: 3000
  8. Open Terminal on your own computer, connect to your instance via ssh:

    ssh -i .ssh/gcloud username@
    1. Update the system, install docker and tmux, and run the huginn image:
    # update the system
    sudo apt-get update
    # install docker, change docker socket mode
    sudo curl -sSL | sh
    sudo chmod 666 /var/run/docker.sock
    # install tmux
    sudo apt install tmux
    # run huginn with docker in a new tmux session
    tmux new -s huginn
    docker run -it -p 3000:3000 huginn/huginn
  9. Open your web browser and visit:

  10. Default username: admin Default password: password

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