Running singularity containers in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment

Preface Working in an HPC environment, the “dependency hell” is the most bothersome nuisance. (Yep, I personally regard it “the most”, not “one of the most”.) For instance, in R, users often receive messages such as: "Error: package or namespace load failed for XXX:package YYY was installed before R 4.0.0: please re-install it" The solution could be relatively easy, you may upgrade to the latest version of R or trying re-installing the YYY package.

Deploying Huginn with Docker on Google Cloud Platform

This is a step by step tutorial for new vps/huginn hobbyists who are not quite familiar with Docker, Huggin, Tmux or Google Cloud Platform. Prerequisites: You have a google account Steps: Open Terminal on your own computer, copy, paste and press enter: ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/gcloud -C "yourname" cat .ssh/ Copy the output (your public key). It looks like such: ssh-rsa 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 username Go to your Google Cloud Platform Console